The Court of Appeal in Skopje, through the judges Roza Gjorgjieva, Rozalinda Risteska and Elizabeta Dukovska, decided to give EUR 400,000 to TV Kanal 5, the money that TV station actually owed for unpaid films and TV series.

With the scandalous decision, the three judges completely altered the verdict of the Skopje Basic Court 2, which was brought by Judge Natalija Doneva, who rejected Kanal 5’s claim as unfounded.

By altering the verdict, now Kanal 5 gets the money that the TV station actually owed, and the defendant’s side, the owners of KAN as natural persons, have no right to appeal this verdict, which is final and enforceable at the same time. They may file an appeal to the Supreme Court, which is an extraordinary legal instrument and does not postpone the enforcement.