One of the more influential Slovenian lawmakers, Zmago Jelincic of the Slovenian National Party, informs about the meeting of Zoran Zaev with the UNHCR High Representative, which focused on considering the possibility for migrants to obtain documents and rights as all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia.

Soros’ mercenary Zoran Zaev, Prime Minister of Macedonia (the Republic of Macedonia is currently occupied by Soros’ mercenaries) at a meeting with UNHCR High Representative Monica Sandri on Monday, July 8, 2019 said that Macedonia is looking for ways to issue Macedonian documents to all migrants in Macedonia and grant all the rights that other citizens of the country have. Of course, this means that they will have free access to the EU countries, which is major trouble. On the other hand, some political representatives from the parties in the Slovenian government are very good friends of Zoran Zaev and advocates of EU enlargement, and it becomes clear what time it is. Recently, Tanja Fajon promised visa liberalization for Kosovo, but that does not go as planned, so her friend is helping, warns Jelincic.