The submissive attitude of the government contributed to Macedonia being humiliated by Bulgaria. The spine bending is the cause of Bulgaria’s demands, which are increasing every day, VMRO-DPMNE notes.

According to the party, this government permanently damaged Macedonian positions and put the country in a subordinate position. An entire executive branch can’t decide for days whether to declare someone persona non grata and instead of a real reaction, it just stirs up the atmosphere and then backs off.

Macedonia must no longer be put in a position of subjugation as needed by Kovacevski and Osmani. That’s why we request:

First, the government of Kovacevski and Pendarovski should not hide them and publicly say who those agent networks and foreign agents are who work through associations and foundations to encourage anti-Macedonian attitudes.

Second, the financial institutions should check the financing of some of these associations and the origin of the money, because an anti-Macedonian policy is spreading with these associations.

Third, the government should take an interest in the operation, purpose and existence of a Bulgarian association in Korca, neighboring Albania, where the entire area is inhabited by a majority Macedonian population. Why haven’t answers been asked about this either from Edi Rama, or from the authorities in Albania, in what way do they allow denying the existence of the Macedonian national minority in Albania, which has been living there for centuries.

Fourth, the government has so far had no serious reaction regarding any open denial of the Macedonian nation, history and language. That is why Macedonian institutions exist and they must oppose the open campaign against Macedonia.

Fifth, we request that the Macedonian government request the consistent implementation of the judgments obtained in the human rights court in Strasbourg in order to protect and recognize the uniqueness of Macedonians in Bulgaria, their right to association, their right to participate in elections, their right to native education language as well as their right to national determination as Macedonians. It is the duty of Macedonia to take care of the rights of all Macedonians wherever they are with all its strength and arguments.

The government should start working for Macedonia, and for a start, it can respect the Resolution from the Parliament, which they themselves voted for.