Bitola actor Vasko Mavrovski was summoned for questioning by the police yesterday, following a report by the Minister of Culture Bisera Kostadinovska Stojcevska.

Last night at 21:30 I was urgently called by two police officers to leave the rehearsal at the National Theater Bitola in order to be handed some kind of document. Although for us actors the rehearsal is a sacred act, I was forced to leave the facility. Before the entrance to the Center for Culture, when the audience was leaving the cinema screening, the police gave me to sign an invitation for an informative interview at the police station with a note that I should be escorted immediately. After a short struggle, they accepted me to register myself within 20 minutes. Together with my lawyer I reported to the police station and was informed that the Minister of Culture had reported to the police station in Kisela Voda that she and her family felt their lives were in danger due to the mention of an “extension cord” in my Facebook post a few hours earlier. After 40 minutes of questioning and giving a statement on my part, I was released by the police officer, says Mavrovski in a post on social media.