Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13, the key Racket scandal defendant, issued a new open letter in which he calls on the court to bring Zoran Zaev and his brother Vice Zaev to testify. The call comes after Boki 13 presented messages Zaev exchanged with a telecom businessman, implicating him in serious criminal behavior.

I and the other defendants will not give up on calling Zoran Zaev, Stefan Bogoev, Mila Carovska, Aleksandar Kiracovski, Goran Sugarevski, Natasa Petrovska and others as witnesses. We want to first have the evidence contained in my phone examined. The witnesses need to testify under oath, before the court, Boki 13 says in his letter.

He warned the public that the court is trying to protect Zoran Zaev from responsibility in this scandal, in which top SDSM party officials are suspected of extorting money from businessmen and engaging in lucrative real-estate deals.

Boki 13 accused the President of the Skopje Criminal Court Ivan Dzolev of pressuring the judges to divert the trial in a direction that will benefit Zaev. “I appeal to the Judicial Council to closely follow these activities and this judicial abuse, and to take all available legal measures to prevent the future violations in the court”, Boki 13 added.

He invited the media and civic activists to come to the hearing scheduled on Friday. “I ask for your support, in the name of justice and the rule of law”.