The government yesterday boasted that electric vehicles will be manufactured in Tetovo. It sounds good, especially with the trend that has swept Europe for electric vehicles, especially after EU’s announcement that in ten years the production of gasoline and diesel vehicles will be banned.

The announcement is that the Next.e.GO Mobile SE company based in Aachen, Germany will produce electric vehicles in Tetovo. But behind this company is Lazim Destani from the “Ekolog” company. He is known as a supporter of DUI and the owner of Shkendija. Last night Destani attended the Shkendija-AIK match at the city stadium together with the leadership of DUI.

It should be noted that for the construction of this factory, the DUI government will provide 130 million euros.


The “” news portal writes in a serious analysis that this company failed to establish itself on the domestic, German market and that it works with many problems.

The company was about to close and no one wanted the “e.Go” vehicle, even with affordable prices for German conditions.

They also tried with subsidies offered by the German authorities, but that too did not result in an increase in sales.

The renowned magazine “Autobild” named e.GO the worst car of all time.

Bulgaria also wanted to produce it

The Bulgarian authorities signed a memorandum for the production of these vehicles with the help of 140 million euros, but they probably gave up on the investment.