Aided  by diplomats from the EU, Bulgaria implements a new tactic aiming to force the Macedonian opposition to vote for the constitutional amendments

Following last week visit by the ministers of foreign affairs of Austria, Czech Republic, and Slovakia, on Monday the so-called Weimar Three, consisted of ministers from France, France, and Poland arrives in Skopje.

The diplomats are trying to convince the opposition that Bulgaria won’t impose new demands on Macedonia related to the bilateral issues, and that the EU will do everything in their power to stop Bulgaria from doing so.To make all that more believable, the Bulgarian MoFA also issued a statement claiming that they have no additional demands, apart from the constitutional amendments and “what has been already agreed”.

But, as the saying goes, the devil hides in the details.

The agreed last year, composed into the so-called “French Proposal”, which was, in fact, a Bulgarian proposal, because it contained all Bulgarian demands. That put our Eastern neighbor in a very comfortable position and they really don’t need any more demands. They have the agreement signed by ex-PMs of Macedonia and Bulgaria, Zaev and Borisov, and the Protocols signed by MoFA Osmani and PM Kovachevski, which are included in the negotiation framework, and stipulate the change of the school textbooks, the “progress” of the work of the history commission – briefly, the complete degradation of the Macedonian identity and history.

Yes, Bulgaria won’t impose new demands, because they don’t need to.