Hundreds of VMRO-DPMNE supporters citizens poured into the municipal electoral offices on Saturday to give their signatures for the presidential nomination of professor Gordana Siljanovska, who is running as a critic of the process to rename Macedonia and the first woman presidential candidate of a major party. Siljanovska is collecting 10.000 signatures for the nomination.
VMRO leader Hristijan Mickoski signed the nomination in Karpos, where he expressed his full confidence that she will win the elections scheduled in late April and early May.

We are witnessing constant violations of the law and perversion of justice. One of the necessary steps for Macedonia to begin resembling something like a democratic country is that professor Gordana wins the presidential elections. I’m certain that the citizens will seize this opportunity for a major victory over the candidate which will be nominated by the despotic Zaev and the people who surround him. This will be the day when law and justice begin to return to Macedonia, Mickoski said.

Siljanovska can count on the necessary votes in Parliament to put forward her nomination, but since the VMRO convention in Struga she declared that she will first and foremost seek the nomination of the citizens, by using the other constitutionally available option and collecting 10.000 signatures.

VMRO Secretary General Igor Janusev signed the presidential nomination in Veles, also joined by hundreds of citizens.

We have to raise our voices for justice, for a real unification of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia and for putting an end to the darkness which is being spread in our country. Given the crime, nepotism and ignorance which SDSM has displayed and their collapse in the polls, it is understandable why they are still not putting forward an opposing candidate to professor Siljanovska, Janusev said, blaming the Government of abusing the police and ordering new arrests of opposition activists in order to turn the attention of the public from the coming elections.

Long lines could also be seen in Bitola, and in other cities across the country, as supporters of Siljanovska came out in droves. She called on the citizens who give their signatures in favor of her nomination to share the act on their social media accounts and to encourage others to do so as well.