The opening of the “Vanco Mihajlov” club is still a major topic in Macedonia and Bulgaria. The government in Skopje first tried to cover up this event, but when the public rose it was already impossible so they had to come up with some kind of reaction.

Thus, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani said that the name of Vanco Mihajlov was disputable, otherwise they would have appeared at the opening of the club.

Prime Minister Kovacevski behaves as if “he’s not from here”. In the first reaction, he admitted that Mihajlov was a controversial historical figure, but in Macedonia “all citizens were allowed to freely practice their ethnic, religious and ideological beliefs.”

Yesterday Kovacevski claimed that with the last visit of the Bulgarian delegation in Bitola, the spirits of the past were awakened, rekindling the hate speech and mistrust against which we successfully fought.

The anti-fascist commitment of the citizens is part of our national identity and the Macedonian citizens are determined for EU membership, but provocations that hurt our feelings endanger that commitment, said Kovacevski yesterday.

The question is who is the real Kovacevski? When he calls for the anti-fascist struggle or when he says that in Macedonia is possible for everyone to practice their rights.

Kovacevski is obliged to explain whether he knew that the Ministry of Justice in 2019 gave a negative opinion on opening a club named “Ivan Mihajlov”?

If he knew then he had to point out to the Central Registry that such a club should not be registered. If he did not know, something is not right with the communication between him and Zaev’s administration because the club received a negative opinion during the rule of the previous prime minister.