We intend to implement a constructive campaign aimed at bringing the Macedonian people together. At a rally in Shtip on Wednesday, Maksim Dimitrievski, the presidential candidate for the ZNAM Movement, stated that his goal is to bring the citizens together rather than dividing them along political, religious, or other lines.

There are roughly 1.5 million people in this nation, he said in his speech marking the opening of the first ZNAM election headquarters in Shtip, but that number is insufficient and causes division among the populace.

“Macedonia needs to be united, and the country needs a president who can bring the Macedonians and all of the other ethnic groups together.He emphasized that ZNAM represents a novel development in Macedonian politics, having been established by the people and for their benefit.He declared that he and his members would make an effort to visit every family and citizen in the upcoming time frame. The people of Macedonia, according to Dimitrievski, ought to have a better tomorrow. The front-runner for president of Macedonia, Dimitrievski, asked the people of Shtip for their support, stating that he would serve as the president of all Macedonians. He declared that, since political corruption is the primary form of corruption, he would put forth a national plan to combat it within the first 100 days of his administration. It was stressed by Dimitrievski that in order to prevent corrupt politicians from receiving any amnesty, he will also suggest amending the constitution.