In his recent address at a rally in Kochani, Maksim Dimitrievski, the presidential candidate of the ZNAM Movement, outlined a clear and practical agenda for his presidential campaign, centered around five key principles. One of his primary pledges is to depoliticize the nation’s security and diplomatic sectors entirely.

Dimitrievski emphasized the importance of appointing career diplomats rather than individuals affiliated with political parties, some of whom lack the necessary expertise and language skills. He stressed the need to eradicate political influence from security institutions, highlighting the absurdity of personnel being hesitant to interact based on party affiliations. Central to his vision is the critical role of the president in judicial reform, advocating for the appointment of candidates with integrity, expertise, and respect for the Constitutional Court and Judicial Council.

Furthermore, Dimitrievski expressed his commitment to fostering greater collaboration with other institutions while remaining steadfast in opposing parliamentary decisions contrary to citizens’ interests, citing specific examples such as hasty amendments to criminal law and proposed negotiations with the EU that undermine national interests.

In addressing EU integration, Dimitrievski proposed assembling a team of experts dedicated to addressing European Court of Human Rights rulings concerning Macedonian rights in Bulgaria. He stressed the importance of reciprocal decision-making and pledged to establish a legal team tasked with redefining the negotiation framework with the EU to align with domestic social norms. He also highlighted the need for recognition of Macedonian identity amidst discussions of constitutional amendments.

During his engagement with citizens in Vinica, Dimitrievski reiterated the imperative of EU integration for improving socio-economic conditions within the country.

Overall, Dimitrievski’s platform offers a comprehensive and pragmatic approach to governance, emphasizing professionalism, depoliticization, and alignment with citizens’ interests and European standards.