It will be necessary to outline the national red lines of the state, and thus unite the Macedonian bloc and sign a strategic document without stepping on our national identity, says the mayor of Kumanovo Maksim Dimitrievski.

In the interview with “Republika” he says that Macedonia should join the EU but with its head held high and with a recognized language, identity and culture.

There is no common history with Bulgaria. There is a special history that may at certain moments collide in terms of interests and how it is interpreted. Let everyone read their own history, let us respect each other, and build good neighborly relations with our neighbors, and with other developed countries and let’s move forward.

He has no doubts that if he were a member of parliament, he would not have voted for constitutional amendments.

I would support the initiative for a referendum, if there is a referendum I will absolutely go out and express my opinion. I believe that it is impermissible to change the genesis of the Macedonian people in order to become a member of a certain association, even if it is the EU. Although we see that we are under constant pressure, i.e. persuasion, no one is putting pressure on us directly, but various authorities from the EU are coming to convince us and guarantee us the Macedonian language, and in fact, the Macedonian language and the issue of the language is opened in the part of the negotiations as the last chapter.