Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama summoned the leaders of the political parties in Macedonia to Tirana.

Their meeting is scheduled for January 10th. The last time Rama staged something similar was in 2016, when he presided over the so-called Tirana Platform – it meant that Albanian parties in Macedonia delivered strong demands to advance the Albanian national cause to the Macedonian parties, and chose to implement them through the SDSM party by helping SDSM sideline VMRO-DPMNE.
Those invited include DUI leader Ali Ahmeti, his recent coalition partner Afrim Gashi from the Alternative party, and the leaders of the two opposition parties – Arben Taravari of the Alliance of Albanians and Bilal Kasami of BESA.

The meeting comes at a time of serious tensions in Kosovo, questions being raised about how the Albanian leaders in Macedonia will react to a possible partition of Kosovo, as well as the continued decline of SDSM and demands for early elections in Macedonia that could bring VMRO-DPMNE back to power.