European Union spokesman Petar Stano told Macedonian news outlets that the laws the Macedonian Government is trying to impose as part of its no-bid highway contract with the US Bechtel construction company are not part of the EU linked legislation. The Government took an obligation before Bechtel to change a number of laws, most controversially – to extend the work week from 40 to 60 hours.

As the opposition parties are trying to block these scandalous changes from going into force, the slim ruling majority is trying to use the so-called “EU flag” procedure that allows fast-tracking laws through Parliament with limited debate and no possibility of filibustering. But the procedure is only meant to be used for lwas that are necessary to help bring Macedonia closer to the EU.

Stano told the press that the “Bechtel laws” the Government is proposing under this procedure are not part of the EU agenda and that the procedure should not be used in this case. Stano told that press that the EU has expressed its concern and asked for additional clarification, adding that the use of these fast-track procedures should be limited and only deployed in EU related legislation.

Yesterday the VMRO-DPMNE party urged the EU to react to this abuse of power on the part of the Government.