Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski continues the round of SDSM party meetings across the country, that by now resemble a full fledged pre-election campaign. Even though he insists that the elections will take place in 2024, Kovacevski has been gathering party supporters in the larger cities, and was in Stip yesterday.

There, he insisted that SDSM protects the country from “dangerous, anti-NATO and anti-EU populism”.

He also promised an economic turn-around in 2023, after several very difficult years with spiking inflation.

With my managerial and economic experience and with a new economic plan I can bring about the societal change that we need. I need your support, that we make the change and make next year a year of economic turn-around. Together we can build a European Macedonia, a center of green energy, and a full EU member state, Kovacevski said.