Either fulfillment of the requirements and more money on the accounts or starting September 1 general practitioners will close their offices indefinitely. It is the last cry of the doctors from the primary health care, Dr. Lilija Colakova Dervisova told Sitel, urging the health authorities not to allow patients to be left without their doctors.

I can say that private primary health care issues the last cry to get out of these problems. If nothing is resolved, according to the requests of my colleagues on September 1, the offices will probably not work for a week until our requests are met, says Dr. Lilija Colakova Dervisova, President of the Association of Private Physicians of the Republic of Macedonia.

Dervisova says that they do not want to put pressure on things to be resolved in this way, but they will have no other choice because things have been stalling for months. The working groups do not negotiate either, and with the supplementary budget there is no additional funding for the primary health sector.