President Stevo Pendarovski spoke Tuesday over the phone with German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier, expressing satisfaction from the intensive bilateral political dialogue.

President Pendarovski also expressed gratitude for Germany’s support for our country’s European integration and because the issue of EU enlargement is one of the priorities of the Germany’s Presidency.

In that regard, President Pendarovski pointed out that he expects the first intergovernmental conference to be held by the end of the year, which will mark the official start of the Republic of Macedonia’s accession negotiations with the EU. The start of negotiations will be an additional motive for the country and an incentive for further implementation of the necessary substantive reforms, especially in the field of rule of law and socioeconomic development.

Steinmeier said that after the constructive talks between the representatives of the governments of Macedonia and Bulgaria in Berlin yesterday, he hopes that within the Germany’s presidency, the EU negotiations with our country will officially begin by the end of the year. He stressed that bilateral issues should be resolved in the spirit of good neighborliness and European values.

The two presidents noted that history issues should continue to be discussed among experts within the joint commission on historical and educational issues. In addition, the positive experience of Germany in this area was highlighted and support was offered in relation to the work of the commission.

Presidents Pendarovski and Steinmeier condemned the terroist attack in Vienna and called it an attack on the common European values we believe in. They also agreed that enhanced security co-operation is needed to prevent and intercept terrorist threats.

The Presidents also discussed the COVID-19 situation in both countries, with President Pendarovski thanking for the overall German assistance to our country in dealing with the pandemic.