Presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska referred on Facebook to the celebration of March 8th.

Is March 8th happy?

Yes, the real question that every society has to ask itself, over and over, is: is March 8th happy? Is it a holiday, and do we have something to be proud of in terms of women’s empowerment and gender equality?? It is too simple is to hold a speech or to write a convenient letter to say that Macedonia needs strong and accomplished women.

Action is needed, and this was seen on the faces of women (and men) with whom I marched today in downtown Skopje. Women do not want flowers and empty greeting one day a year, they demand equal opportunities in all social and public spheres. I have personally undertaken to fight a stereotype about women in politics. Women, with their specific nature and approach to problems, can be strong and can change society, but also the way in which the state is ruled. We can do it! Macedonia, politics and Justitia – they’re all feminine nouns!, wrote Siljanovska.