Macedonia and Greece will open a new border crossing near lake Prespa. Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov and Greek Alternate Foreign Minister Sia Anagnostopoulou signed the protocol to open the Markova Noga – Lemos crossing, which should help the citizens of this isolated region cross the border without the need to drive all the way to the Bitola – Lerin crossing.

Dimitrov used the signing ceremony to insist that a copy of the protocol was signed in Macedonian, as he is hard pressed after his previous promises that the adjective Macedonian will remain in free use on this side of the border were proven false.

It is my pleasure that we signed the agreement to open the Markova Noga – Lemos crossing, in the Prespa region, in three languages – in Macedonian, Greek and English, Dimitrov said, before dutifully reciting the mutually agreed clause that the “Macedonian language is spoken by the citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia and our diaspora and is nto related to the Greek Macedonians as provided in Article 7 of the Prespa treaty”.