The OECD unveiled the 2022 PISA results, which gauge the literacy of 15-year-olds across 81 nations. Macedonia’s Ministry of Education and Science highlighted that the country’s scores in the 2022 assessment remained relatively unchanged compared to 2018.

“In the PISA 2022 assessment among 81 nations and economies, Macedonia secured the 61st spot in mathematics, scoring 389 points. The country’s 15-year-olds achieved an average of 359 points in reading, placing Macedonia at 71st position. Meanwhile, in science, the average performance stood at 380 points, positioning Macedonia 68th globally,” stated the Education Ministry in a press release.

Attributing the declining performance in mathematics, reading, and science of 15-year-olds across most participating nations to the adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on global education quality, the Ministry emphasized the pivotal role of these results in shaping future educational policies.

The Ministry stressed the significance of the PISA assessment as a reputable international test measuring students’ practical knowledge essential for their educational and professional advancement. Highlighting the test’s relevance to real-life challenges and its focus on functional rather than rote knowledge, the Ministry underscored its role in problem-solving and comprehension skills.

Moreover, the Ministry noted the successful introduction of electronic PISA testing in the country, receiving commendation from the OECD for Macedonia’s technical readiness and smooth implementation, a feat not achieved by 20% of the participating nations.

Macedonia’s participation in the PISA 2022 assessment marked its fourth engagement in this international testing, following previous involvements in 2000, 2015, and 2018. The assessment, conducted in April and May 2022, involved 6,610 students from 111 secondary schools and was administered by the State Examination Center.