Solza Grceva from the Voice for Macedonia party called on Alternative party leader Afrim Gashi to leave the coalition negotiations with Zoran Zaev. Only two weeks ago Gashi was prepared to vote to bring down the Zaev Government, but since this initiative by the opposition failed, after the suspicious disappearance of one member of Parliament, he quickly entered into talks with Zaev to help him restore his slim majority in Parliament.

Every party has the right to choose its path. But you often spoke about the disastrous policies of your competitor in the Albanian bloc, DUI. You frequently said that you work for the rights of all citizens and especially of the ethnic Albanians. Let me remind you that 60 of your and our compatriots were suffered horrific deaths from the carelessness of this Government (reference to the Tetovo hospital fire and the Besa bus disaster). The disasters are blamed on an extension cord and on the passengers themselves. Is this the way we will go to the European Union? With all the corruption and incompetence of this Government, its devastation of our judiciary, its failure to advance our EU prospects that is landing us in the “Open Balkan” initiative, this is all their work. Today is the last moment when you can stop your suicidal dance with the Devil and return to the path of true European values we set upon, Grceva told Gashi in an open letter.

Gashi is holding a new meeting with Zoran Zaev today, and is indicating that he is ready to come to his aid and support his Government, in exchange for a large share of power.