A Greek Minister today denied that she was considering a proposal to swap the Alexander the Great statue in Skopje – officially known as Warrior on a horse – for the modern Dromeas/Runner statue in Athens.

Several Greek media outlets yesterday reported that the Greek Culture Minister Myrsini Zorba raised the issue in talks with Macedonia, and spoke about it with Costas Varotsos, the author of the glass statue. Zorba later denied the reports.

There was no proposal to transport the Runner, it is unfounded. Besides, the statue belongs to the city of Athens. We had a broad discussion with Mr. Varotsos and other artists on many issues, but not on such a proposal. I’m sorry for the noise and the moral panic which some were quick to spread, said Zorba.

According to the Prespa treaty, Macedonia is allowed to keep the statue, made by Valentina Stevanovska and erected in 2011, but the country will have to place an information board next to it explaining that it is part of the “historic or cultural patrimony of the First Party (Greece)”.