The plaque glued onto the statue of Alexander the Great in Skopje’s central Macedonia square lasted a few hours after it was glued onto the statue. Posting the plaque which declares the monument a part of the Hellenic cultural heritage was one of the most humiliating elements of the Prespa treaty.

It was glued on yesterday. It’s unclear whether it was removed by somebody or if it fell on its own.

Greece insists that Macedonians have nothing in common with Alexander, who should be considered an exclusively Greek hero. The plaque states: In honor of Alexander the Great, a historic figure belonging to the ancient Hellenic history and civilization, and to the world cultural and historic heritage, here is presented as equestrian warrior.

Greece also demands that Macedonia removes every depiction of the star of Kutles / Vergina from all public spaces. This bizarrely included filing manhole covers which are frequently stamped with the symbol which Greece also claims exclusive ownership over which was going on in the past few days. In Bitola, a man responded to this humiliation by painting the symbol over the covers.