VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski considers the SDSM – DUI presidential candidate Stevo Pendarovski a candidate offered to try and help save Zoran Zaev’s political career. Pendarovski was declared a “consensual” candidate by SDSM and DUI, which the two parties consider a presidential candidate approved by ethnic Albanians as well as Macedonians, but his nomination only served to spark the candidacy of Blerim Reka as an Albanian opposition candidate.

I’m honestly confused if Mr. Pendarovski is a consensual candidate or not, and he himself seems confused. He first said he is, then that he isn’t, he said he will support SDSM positions, then denied it.. What is clear that he is not a consensual candidate, but is the candidate sent out to help save Zoran Zaev’s political career, and to solidify the Zaevism, Mickoski said in a TV interview.