The Skopje-based Institute for Political Research (IPIS) conducted a short telephone poll in the period between March 1 and March 4, 2021 of 1,109 adult respondents in the Republic of Macedonia.

In the poll, citizens expressed their views on their support for political parties. In order to observe the relevance and impartiality of the research, an impartial and objective questionnaire was created on the basis of which the poll was later conducted.

The poll was conducted using a random sample that was stratified to observe the representation of the population in the Republic Macedonia.

It included the demographic specifics of the population such as gender structure, age groups, level of education and ethnicity, with appropriate division of respondents according to place of residence and regional representation, with Skopje being taken as a separate entity due to its peculiarities.

The poll was conducted for the needs of IPIS in order to analyze the ratings of the parties. The poll is funded by IPIS’s own funds.