VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in Wednesday’s interview with TV Sitel said that the Republic of Macedonia will not receive a recommendation for starting negotiations with the European Union, explaining that this will once again confirm his claims that the country does not move in the right direction.

He added that it is honorable and dignified to use the name Macedonia instead of the new name agreed by Zaev, for which the citizens did not vote, emphasizing that he personally, and VMRO-DPMNE will not use the country’s new name.

We will participate in the reform agenda, we participate within the institutions that use the adjective of the new name. But we will never express ourselves with the new adjective used by government officials, even some of the government officials who will forget it, then there is the prompter who will correct them. We witnessed when one of the vice-prime ministers used our real name Republic of Macedonia, and he was reprimanded by the prime minister.


Yes, we will do everything in the interest of the citizens. And if you ask me if it is honest and honorable, I will say yes it is, because it is a moral hazard for us, because our priorities are the interests of the citizens, and even if that interest implies voting laws within the Parliament where there is a new adjective, but neither VMRO-DPMNE, nor will I, as its leader, mention the name, says Mickoski.