After Thursday’s incident in the Shutka investigative prison in which former ministers Spiro Ristovski and Mile Janakieski were attacked by detained participants in the terrorist attack in Kumanovo four years ago, the two ministers, after the medical examination, were moved to the luxury section of the Shutka prison.

They were moved to another section where they will be more isolated and procedures were taken today during walks to be in another part of the prison under the constant supervision of the guards, stated the director of the prison, Gjoko Kotevski.

He added that prisoners in the Shutka investigative prison are safe.

We are already working and investigating the case since last night, an investigation has been launched. We look at the records, we are working on internal detection protocols as to whether there are omissions. On Monday, we will have a complete picture of the incident, added Kotevski.

A spokeswoman for the Public Prosecutor’s Office Elizabeta Nedanovska says there is still no information whether the PPO will seek a change of the detention for the two former ministers from prison to house arrest. She says the public will be informed if the PPO decides to submit such a request to the court.

Mile Janakieski and Spiro Ristevski are in the Shutka investigative prison since Wednesday night upon an order of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, charging them for organizing the incidents in the Parliament on April 27, 2017.