Prime Minister Zoran Zaev demanded Friday the resignation of the director of the Shutka prison, Gjoko Kotevski, following Thursday’s two incidents in the courtyard of this penitentiary institution, in which detainees were injured.

The prime minister condemned the act of violence and stated that regardless of who was guilty of the incidents, he demanded responsibility from the prison’s director. He expects his resignation by Monday at the latest.

Justice Minister Renata Deskovska also supported this decision.

The case deserves to be investigated and it will be. We need to see if any omissions were made. Responsibility must be taken for allowing close contact between these two groups, regardless if it is a common practice or not. In the concrete situation, an assessment should be made of certain risks, said Minister Deskoska.

She believes that if there was a physical assault and contact, there is room for an investigation to be initiated by a public prosecutor, and the Ombudsman may also deal with the case.