Former head of the Skopje Criminal Court Vladimir Pancevski warns that the prosecutors in the OJO service were not only wiretapped, but were also under video surveillance, even when out of their offices.

– A new scandal is about to shake the prosecutors! They were wiretapped but also their movements were under video surveillance. Has anybody asked (public prosecutor) Jovevski about this???, Pancevski wrote on his social media accounts.

OJO was subject to a major scandal recently when it was revealed that the fixed phone line switchboard had the ability to record all phone conversations. The prosecutors are currently investigating their own office to determine how and by whom was this machine being used.

Opposition VMRO-DPMNE party has blamed OJO for acting as part of the ruling SDSM party, by initiating dozens of charges against opposition officials, and asked whether wiretaps from the service were used by the Government to pressure its prosecutors and influence their actions.