Forme judge Vladimir Pancevski turned to the Constitutional Court where he raised a case of discrimination. Pancevski is being prosecuted by the Zaev regime after, as head of the Skopje Criminal Court, he refused to allow illegally obtained wiretaps to be used as evidence against officials of the VMRO-DPMNE party.

He was charged with assigning court cases to individual judges personally, without using the electronic system that assigns cases randomly. SDSM and their international supporters relied strongly on the trials of former VMRO officials to remove the conservative party from power and form an SDSM led Government, and Pancevski was seen as an obstacle.

Pancevski alleges that he as discriminated on the grounds of his political believes and professional position. He points out that other judges and court presidents were not exposed to similar treatment or that their protection from prosecution was respected. Pancevski recently began serving out his prison sentence, but just days after going to jail, the sentence was annulled and he now faces a new trial.