The Judicial Council today narrowly, with 8 votes in favor, elected judge Sasko Georgiev as its leader. The decision comes after the previous head of the body that is tasked with appointing and dismissing judges, Vesna Dameva from SDSM, was removed in a hectic session led by her deputy Seli Ademi from the DUI party.
Dameva was removed by just 7 votes, which raised doubts that her removal is even legal. She did not attend today’s vote.
Four members of the Council voted against Georgiev, who urged for unity to restore the deeply shaken public trust in the judiciary.
The drama in the Council, which was accompanied by shouting, mutual accusations and evoking who has the support of the powerful US Embassy, reflected attempts by factions in SDSM and DUI to maintain control over the judiciary, especially after US Ambassador Aggeler sent a letter condemning the work of this branch of government.