Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski met with former PM of Greece and leader of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, on the sidelines of the Delphi Economic Forum on Friday.

According to the government press service, Kovacevski and Tsipras agreed at the meeting that four years after the signing of the Prespa Agreement, it still achieves the benefits that resolved the three-decade dispute and established a strategic friendship between Macedonia and Greece, our country’s membership in NATO and the decision was made for an unconditional start of EU accession negotiations.

The great and far-sighted messages contained in the Prespa Agreement, shared Kovacevski and Tsipras, with their importance, especially today from the perspective of the war in Ukraine and the security crisis in Europe, provide a basis for accelerating Macedonia’s European integration and the Western Balkans, reads the statement.

It was concluded at the meeting that the implementation of the provisions of the agreement is going well and that as an agreement that provided a win-win solution for both countries allows open and permanent communication between Skopje and Athens in the interest of prosperity and citizens of both countries, added the government press service.