Dragan Kovacki, member of the EC of VMRO-DPMNE and MP, in yesterday’s interview with Kanal 5, says that the Ministry of Internal Affairs has not been able to find out for three weeks who is behind the false reports of bombs in schools and is creating fear among the citizens because instead of dealing with that, it deals with crime and corruption.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is full of corruption and the Ministry of Internal Affairs is head of the organization and sale of drugs, said Kovacki and added that the former public prosecutor also confirmed this when she stated that the operation to arrest people was disrupted out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

There has never been a greater prevalence of drugs in the country and everyone should know that. This was confirmed even by the public prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska herself, when certain structures were to be arrested, the operation was disrupted, he said.

According to Kovacki, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Oliver Spasovski, must immediately resign and the entire security sector must be reformed.

The fact that this kind of chaos is happening in the country in terms of security and they cannot find the perpetrators for three weeks, then they should immediately resign and a deep reform of that sector should immediately be carried out, Kovacki concluded.