Kristijan Golubović is one of the last surviving tough guys from the 90s. He knows what it’s like to be free but also in prison, he knows many characters on the other side of the law and therefore he can say whether it is possible to escape from prison and why criminals get a Macedonian passport so easily.

When asked what Kristijan Golubović is today – reality star, host, parent – little from everything, he says in an exclusive interview with “Republika”.

The public remembers him as one of the participants in the reality show “Zadruga” where he was one of the highest-paid participants and says that it is not excluded that he will return to the show, which had a huge viewership because of him.

When asked if life as a tough guy is definitely behind him, he says that it is always on the edge.

There is always a chance that the old lion in you will come to work and tear you apart. I have been struggling with this lately because the virtual networks have brought some new degenerates because the old ones broke the codes and suffered. These new ones keep saying about me that I am a criminal, a snitch.. People are not aware that a lion is born a lion, they made a lion and a lioness, then there is a lion who creates a pack and in the end dies with dignity like the king of the jungle. If you are a hyena, you must never touch the lion.

Golubović says it is impossible to escape from prison without logistics from inside and outside.

It is difficult. The person who wants to escape must find an opportunity once in several years to go outside or some abnormal coincidence and then use it. Every escape is 98 percent organized from outside and inside down to the last detail.

Golubović also explains why so many criminals obtain a Macedonian passport. with ease.

Macedonia has always been good at cooperating with politicians and criminals and with politicians because it was on the so-called “wind rose”. Big gangs pass through Macedonia from all sides – Albanian, Bulgarian, Greek, Serbian, Montenegrin, Turkish… You are at the epicenter of events, you are a small country that is easy to get in and out of, transit and these people don’t stay here and you are a springboard. You have developed a service for criminals.

Kristijan also reveals the “price list” of how much a Macedonian passport for criminals costs.

If we talk about originals, the price is from 5 to 10 thousand euros, and they reach up to 25,000 euros, Golubović told “Republika”.

Golubović happily talks about Macedonia and says that he loves our country very much. When asked what he first thinks of when someone mentions Macedonia, he says:

First I think of the Kumanovo fields where I met Mujo, former commander of the “Lions”. Then he said to me “Thank you Serbian brothers for coming to defend what you defended in Kosovo”. Then I told him that I did not come to defend what is being defended in Kosovo, but to defend the Macedonian brothers and that we “wolves” came to defend the “lions” to seek justice. If we knew that you were wrong. But throughout history it has been shown that Macedonians are good hosts, good people, and they love Serbia. I am sorry that Macedonia seceded from Yugoslavia, it should have stayed with us and be stronger. Macedonia has the soul of King Alexander who conquered the whole world.

Golubović also told “Republika” some anecdotes from his turbulent life, such as why he jumped from 17 meters onto concrete and how he pulled Toma Zdravkovic out of a bar.

Yes, I jumped from almost 17 meters. I can also show you where I jumped from the court onto the concrete. I did that when I was running away from the courtroom because I didn’t want to wait another two months for the trial to end because I was angry that everyone else had served their sentences and were free and only I was being held until the last day.

Regarding Toma Zdravkovic, he says that he was a bohemian, who grew up in bars and homes.

He was a singer who had a soul, he often borrowed money from us and even sang for nothing and set us up with a girlfriend and shared both sadness and joy. I had the honor to spend three or four nice years with Toma in bars and that is my greatest memory.

Golubović also spoke about his relationship with Arkan and why he claims that the state killed him because he knew too much.

He knew many secrets. He was a “bone in the throat” to Slobodan Milosevic. But Arkan behaved arrogantly towards many people and powerful criminals, and simply the connection between crime and the state made a “deal” for Arkan to be killed.

Kristijan is convinced that the current government in Serbia headed by Vucic will manage to deal with all gangs and criminals.

All these gangs do their work, and the state does theirs. Maybe some of them cooperated with the government, but that’s called operational work to get deeper into them. The state will not give a hand to any mafia gang, it will cut it off.

Finally, Golubovic told about an unpleasant incident he had in Macedonia last summer when his wife was pregnant.

I was stopped by the police. Even though they saw that I was with a woman and that we didn’t have anything, they asked me “do you have drugs”. I told them that I don’t do drugs and that Mujo would never have asked me this if he was alive. Ask this to the Albanians who bring you the drugs to Macedonia. They said good and left.

Listen to the entire conversation in the video interview conducted by Igor Caveski