Asked during today’s visit to the municipality of Karbinci whether the event on February 4 will be a high-risk event and whether members are called to the police station for informative talks, president of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski, ]emphasized that there is such information about such informative talks and urged the citizens of Macedonia not to succumb to provocations, and to honor the great Goce Delcev in a peaceful, honorable and dignified manner.

I have information about such informative talks and I take this opportunity to call on the citizens of Macedonia not to succumb to the provocations that are present every day and that have only one goal and they benefit only one structure and that is the government of DUI supported by SDSM and our eastern neighbor. No provocation to which any citizen succumbs is not in favor of the Macedonian people and of Macedonia as a country, that’s why I urge you, we are a peaceful, honorable, dignified people, a biblical people I will remind you, a people who know how to grieve, a people who know how to celebrate but also a people who know how to honor themselves and honor people such as the great Delcev, and I urge everyone to honor him with dignity in the Church of “St. Spas” in Skopje so that we can show that this nation’s place is where it should have been a long time ago, and that is in Europe. And not go backward and not allow those corrupt police structures that have tried to divide the Macedonian people to succeed, we should defeat them with a dignified celebration of the day, and therefore I call on all everyone to honor the day with dignity, stressed Mickoski.

When asked if the members of the party were called for informative talks, Mickoski emphasized that he has such information, but he does not want to create panic because they are used to living under the political terror of the SDSM and DUI government for five years.