The number of diagnosed coronavirus patients in Macedonia currently stands at 13. Most of them are from the city of Debar, which was placed on lockdown yesterday afternoon.

Police units are manning checkpoints toward Debar and Centar Zupa municipalities. Only citizens are allowed in, and no-one is allowed out. Four confirmed patients from this mountainous region at the far west of Macedonia will be transported for treatment to Skopje today.

Out of all the patients, only one, a woman from Debar who was diagnosed with her husband after a trip to Italy, is in borderline need of mechanical ventilation. Others are in stable condition.

A new measure, as of yesterday, is to have police officers warn people who are gathered in groups larger than five to disperse. Gathering over 100/500 people are banned, but people in smaller groups are also advised to steer away from one another. Cafes are still open, until 18h in the evening, and shopping malls may be closed starting today.