Macedonian Telecom, a company in which the state also has part of the ownership, has become  nepotism. Dimitar Kovachevski and SDS only think how to reward and promote people close to them on the backs of the citizens, accuses VMRO-DPMNE.
Nikola Ljushev, who is considered close to Dimitar Kovachevski, as the director of Makedonski Telecom, first employs his wife, Natasa Ljusheva in 2020 in Telecom, and now promotes her to the position of chief manager for the digitization sector.
This case is not unique in Macedonian Telecom. There are also with several people such as Chief Director of Finance, Slavko Projkoski, the chief commercial director for private users Branko Stanchev, who employs their wives in Telecom and after that they got promoted.