A poll showed that Macedonians and Albanians are clearly divided on the issue of sexual education. The Detektor/Sitel poll found that 55 percent of ethnic Macedonians believe that public schools should offer sexual education, while only 29 percent of Albanians support this proposal. On the “opposed” side are 33.7 percent of Macedonians and a majority of 52.8 percent of Albanians.

This poll was conducted before the major scandal in Skopje where a public school gave materials portraying gay couples with children to first graders.

When asked about including LGBT friendly materials in the sexual education curriculum, a large majority of 69.4 percent of all citizens were opposed and only 16.4 percent remained in favor. The poll was conducted by the Institute for political research Skopje, in late February and early March, on 1,107 participants.