French President Emmanuel Macron poured cold water on the latest attempt of the DUI – SDSM led Government to insist that Macedonia has a unique opportunity to join the EU, if only she accepts the latest demand for national concessions.

Speaking at a gathering of the French ambassadors, Macron discussed the idea to bring Ukraine, Moldova and the Balkan countries in the EU, and warned that first the Union needs to be reformed. He clearly outlined a vision of a multi-speed Europe, in which the current candidates won’t have the full powers of an EU member state when (if) they are eventually admitted.

It is risky to think that we can expand without reforms. I can testify that it is difficult enough to manage Europe on sensitive issues with the current 27 countries. It won’t be easier with 32 or 35 members, Macron said.

It is likely that will include leaving the future member states without seats in the European Parliament, or without commissioners, and defintely without veto power – leaving them in a similar position they aree now in – with free trade and travel with the EU, but with little political influence there.

Macron blocked Macedonia from opening EU accession talks in 2019, after the huge concessions made to Greece with the humiliating Prespa Treaty (which Macron supported as a step that would bring Macedonia to the EU). His current comment comes as Macedonia is under pressure to make major concessions to Bulgaria that can also undermine the Macedonian national identity.