During the large rally in Ohrid, VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski promised to put an end to the infighting with the other Macedonian parties, like Levica and ZNAM, who are projected to win seats in the next Parliament.

Our name is VMRO-Democratic party for Macedonian natoinal unity. It is a powerful name, both for the historic VMRO, but also for the obligation that comes from the second part of the name, to foster unity. So my first initiative to secure Macedonian national unity is to announce a moratorium on all attacks toward Levica and ZNAM. I feel that this is what the Macedonian people need, and is also my obligation to try to achieve the idea of national unity when it’s most needed to the country, when we need to save the country from a group of corruption DUI politicians and a group of corrupt SDSM politicians who sit in their laps, Mickoski said.

Levica is campaigning strongly against VMRO-DPMNE, hoping to grab a piece of the conservative voting bloc. Relations between VMRO and ZNAM have been warmer, ZNAM recently split from SDSM, and their animosity is mostly directed toward their former fellow party members. As VMRO are projected to win over 50 seats, but likely short of an outright majority of 61, they are expected to turn to ZNAM before they make coalition plans with the opposition Albanian parties.

Mickoski also addressed members of the other ethnic groups in Macedonia, urging them to support VMRO. “To the Albanians, vote for us, and you will live better than you do now, and we will work together to build unity and develop the country. To the Turks, you’ve always supported an independent and sovereign Macedonia, and were with us in all the victories and defeats over the past 30 years. To the Roma, let’s fight jointly against poverty and achieve new victories for our future. I want to address the Serbs in Macedonia – we share our concerns and fight for mutual values. Macedonia is our shared country and we need you in this fight. To the Vlachs – you were always with us and fought all our battles, and we will do so again this time, and we will win. To the Bosniaks – we must build a society on healthy foundations and we give you our hand, and you accept it”, Mickoski said.