During his speech at the large VMRO-DPMNE rally in Ohrid, party leader Hristijan Mickoski warned about a plan being formed in the still ruling SDSM party, which faces a serious defeat and could end up with fewer than 30 seats in Parliament – if the polls are correct.

Their calculation is that they will win 28 seats and all the Albanian parties will have 33 seats. And together they want to form a Government. Imagine what kind of a gang they’ve become, when they can dismiss the future of the country in this way. All they care about are their positions in power. They were even promising DUI that they will give them 50 percent of all state institutions. SDSM will keep only 30 for themselves and DUI and the other Albanian parties would take 70 percent of the total. They don’t even talk about changing the Constitution any more, all they care about is saving themselves from prison, Mickoski warned, adding that he’s confident the Albanian opposition parties won’t accept this offer and will respect the will of the majority of the Macedonian people.