The leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski in an interview with the Analysis show on TV 24 says that he is ready to discuss changes in the Electoral Code regarding the technical government, as well as one constituency in order to reach early parliamentary elections, and the citizens to get a government that will implement quality reforms.

Let’s hold early elections because we think we need a strong government majority, a majority that will be resistant to blackmail, a majority that can implement reforms, economic policies, reforms in the judicial sector, and so on. I am absolutely aware that this is not acceptable for Kovacevski or the people around him at this moment, do not think that I live in a parallel world and I hope that they will suddenly sit down and say let’s hot early parliamentary counts. That is why I am even ready to offer what we talked about with Zoran Zaev at the time, to intervene in the Electoral Code to delete the part with a technical government. There may not be a technical government anymore and I am ready to sit down and talk. If they mind the technical government let them accept early elections, and to shorten the campaign deadline, instead of those 100 days to have the Constitutional 45 to 60. And all this in order for the citizens to get a more efficient government and a government with the support of the people to be able to implement the policies that it will present to the people, said Mickoski.