To be more precise about the events of the past few days, including what happened this morning when we all paid tribute to the great Goce Delcev, and professor Vanco Gjorgjiev had a rather well-argued and I would say inspiring presentation, a university class I would say connected together with the 15 minute break, however, we were able to hear a lot of things and for the first time, many of us here including myself. Unfortunately, there are those today who deal with politics and don’t want to listen or don’t want to read, so they make decisions that, sadly, have implications for the past, but what’s more important for the future, said the president of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski at today’s panel entitled “Goce is Macedonia”, which was organized within the framework of the commemoration of 120 years since the Ilinden Uprising and 130 years since the founding of VMRO.

Mickoski added that he wants to talk a little about the future because he is sure that what was the leading guide of Goce Delcev, which is that he understands the world as a field of cultural competition, assumes that today it will be mirrored as competition in many areas.

And we as Macedonians, as people who are the bearers of the sovereignty of our Macedonia, together with our fellow citizens Albanians, Turks, Vlahs, Serbs, Roma, Bosniaks and others, have to compete together with much larger and much more powerful states than our Macedonia and much larger and much more powerful nations, not only in our environment, in Europe, but also in the world. And we have shown that we are capable of doing that, of winning, rejoicing when we win, and grieving when we lose, but we have always been dignified both in victories and defeats. Our Macedonia gave birth to many of its own children who made the image of that same Macedonia better, and I am sure that Goce was proud of those people, concluded Mickoski.

The president of VMRO-DPMNE pointed out that the political opponent makes a lot of mistakes. The political opponent leads the government today, but it leads it in such a way that it is a minor coalition partner of the Democratic Union for Integration.

We should be aware that what we will inherit in the future and what we will have to correct is a serious problem. When I say a serious problem, I mean the magnitude of the problems that we will inherit. And those problems will have to be solved by VMRO-DPMNE. Here I am not only referring to the national problems that we will inherit, here I am also referring to the educational ones, here I am also referring to the social ones, here I am also referring to the economic and political problems. Basically, there are many problems that we will have to solve. Don’t expect someone else to solve them. We need to solve them. We have seen from these 68 months that the Government came with the promise of life, they brought hell, and they robbed, destroyed, and humiliated Macedonia. And that’s why today we witnessed instead of a beautiful solemn act that should unite us, we are witnessing an act that separates us, divides us, and that’s why helicopters were circling the sky above the capital. And that is the essence in which we live today, said the president of VMRO-DPMNE.

He emphasized that today we live in divisions, the citizens and the state face many problems, and many fellow citizens, seeing the sad and painful everyday life, are leaving the country. And the main culprit for all this is the incompetent Government.