VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said that he stands by the journalists who were threatened with charges by Dragi Raskovski, Zoran Zaev’s Secretary General, who was caught on tape discussing a lucrative deal and using racial slurs. Raskovski held a lengthy press conference on Tuesday, during which he threatened the press, but also private citizens who were discussing about the allegations on their Facebook profiles, with charges.

I have been criticized by the press, but it’s never crossed my mind to sue a journalist or threaten one. I would invite them for a meeting, I would present the facts of the case. It was a disappointment to hear the primitive attack during the press conference. I call on all politicians who hold a public office, and are therefore, naturally, a target for the public and for the press, to act in a dignified manner. I stand behind the journalists who feel threatened by Raskovski, Mickoski said.

Raskovski frequently refused to answer a question on Monday, including questions about the vile racial slurs he used in the leaked tape, and a question about his apparent sense of impunity as he threatens journalists with judicial actions.