A VMRO-DPMNE delegation led by the party’s leader Hristijan Mickoski, accompanied by Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski and Secretary of International Cooperation Timco Mucunski, are today and tomorrow part of a political assembly organized by the European People’s Party in Brussels within the European Parliament.

Mickoski held several talks and bilateral meetings on the sidelines of the political assembly, including with MEPs, Eduard Kukan and Milan Zver.

“I had the opportunity to inform my interlocutors about all those failures in the Republic of Macedonia, about the real reality and everyday life in the Republic of Macedonia, in economy, in education, about all those crimes committed in the health care sector, about all those criminal innovations that we had over the past period. But what most worried my interlocutors, me and all citizens in the Republic of Macedonia is actually the fact that the Republic of Macedonia is no longer a legal state and that the Republic of Macedonia lacks the rule of law. Practically, the law and justice are traded for realization of political ambitions,” the leader of the opposition party said.

Mickoski said that there are reasonable doubts that such rule of government could result in irregularities and electoral fraud.

“I informed my interlocutors about our fears that Zoran Zaev, running away from early elections, wants to steal the presidential elections, and at the same time everything that happened in the past period to be a certain kind of evidence of his intentions to steal the presidential elections. Organizing fair elections must become a condition for the progress in European integration,” added the president of VMRO-DPMNE.