In the current government, DUI is a more significant factor than SDS and it is normal that Kovacevski will say what Ali Ahmeti wants to hear, says the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, answering a journalist’s question about how he comments on Dimitar Kovacevski’s statements that the idea of a government against DUI is a bad thing.

Describing the government of DUI and SDSM, Mickoski called Ahmeti a master and Kovacevski a henchman, because, as he said, Kovacevski says everything that Ali Ahmeti wants to hear.

Mickoski emphasized the people did not elect Kovacevski. Therefore, he is a follower of the predecessor who appointed him to that position, as well as of Ahmeti who allows him to stay in his position and enjoy the privileges he gets from the citizens and the state.

According to Mickoski, early parliamentary elections are more than necessary in order to have a government that the people will elect and will work for the interests of the people.