VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski sent Sunday a message of congratulations on Procka (Forgiveness Day) to all Orthodox believers.

Forgiveness is a personal feat in which a person overcomes his weaknesses, shortcomings and mistakes that we all have. In the deepest essence of all this is the desire to be better, more human, to love our neighbors and to fight for the things we believe in. At the center of that struggle is the future of our families, friends, people, the future of our Macedonia. And that requires will and faith, honesty and a lot of work. And in that context, it is never difficult for me to ask for forgiveness for things that could have been different and better, from my loved ones, colleagues, from the people in whom I firmly believe. It is human and right to ask for forgiveness from those who matter to a person. But, this does not mean a lack of responsibility for all those who play with the common future of all and make life more difficult. Only together, next to each other, with a pure heart and faith in God can we fight for a happier, more stable and prosperous future, Mickoski says.