Extremely important moment for the residents of Kocani. As the mayor said, such a thing happens once in several decades. This will drastically reduce the technical losses in the pipeline itself, and the residents of Kocani will receive better quality water which is of particular importance for their functioning.

I also use the opportunity to apologize to them that yesterday went beyond the planned time for connection and water supply, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski.

As the mayor said in extremely difficult weather conditions, the contractor succeeded within his capabilities, I would say as an engineer, to complete that re-connection in record time. But the undertaking itself because we were here at the beginning of the activities somewhere in December, now we are April and we can say that in less than 4 months the entire route and all the technical technological interventions that are necessary to get a new functional unit.

According to him, the Municipality is also completing its activities flawlessly in the area of administrative affairs and he expects the reconstruction of the water supply system to continue.