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Macedonia 03.08.21 | 13:08

Angelov: Kocani fire happened due to power lines touching each other

An assessment team met today to discuss the fire situation. It was decided that there is no need to declare a state of crisis on part of the territory of the country, but we are still closely monitoring the situation, informs the director of the Crisis Management Center, Stojance Angelov. According to...

Macedonia 03.08.21 | 12:36

People affected by Kocani wildfire smoke discharged from hospital

The Ministry of Health has reported early on Tuesday that nine people, who were exposed to smoke inhalation due to wildfire that caught Kocani area and sought medical care late on Monday, have been discharged from hospital as their health condition have improved.

Macedonia 03.08.21 | 10:45

Photo gallery from Kocani after last night’s fire

Last night, the citizens of Kocani saved the city from being engulfed by the fire. Several firefighting teams came to their aid and prevented the fire to spread to the houses in the city. Only the roofs of 2-3 houses were affected. The material damage is insignificant in relation to what could have happened.  

Macedonia 02.08.21 | 22:35

Mickoski in Trkanje-Kocani region: People are self-organizing, beyond human efforts made to bring the fires under control

At the moment I am in the Trkanje-Kocani region, the fire is over the village. The people are organizing themselves against the razing fire, help is needed, this is the sad picture tonight. Beyond human efforts are being made to put out the fire.

Macedonia 02.08.21 | 21:29

Mickoski: This is real life, battling fires and incompetent government! People need urgent help!

VMRO-DPMNE leader, Hristijan Mickoski points out on Facebook that the people in Kocani should be helped urgently. Alarming! Kocani has been battling the raging fire all day, URGENT full focus of the Government, which is currently celebrating at Meckin Kamen. People need urgent help. This is real life,...

Macedonia 02.08.21 | 21:09

Fire in Kocani reaches the first houses in the city, the residents are asking for help

Several wildfires have broken out Monday afternoon in parts of the country, including two near the town of Kocani, eastern Macedonia, burning some dozen hectares of forest. The situation in Kocani is serious. The fire reached the first houses in the city. According to the residents, they evacuate themselves...

Macedonia 12.06.21 | 13:07

Fugitive from the Idrizovo prison detained in police raid near Kocani

Special police forces detained a prisoner who fled from Idrizovo. The man from Radovis, identified as E.A. (33), was arrested in a rural part of the Plackovica mountain, near the village of Teranci, near Kocani. He was serving out a term of more than seven years for forgery. After serving more than two...

Macedonia 12.06.21 | 09:59

Girl that went missing in Kocani returned home

Teenage girl that went missing in Kocani on Thursday morning has been found. The search for Natasa Nikolova (16) lasted over Friday. She returned to her home on Friday before midnight, exhausted but in overall good condition, with no injuries. She was likely missing during a hike in a rugged area, although...

Macedonia 11.06.21 | 22:07

Missing girl in Kocani

Search parties are organized in Kocani, after a 16 year old girl went missing. Natasa Nikolova left her home yesterday morning, telling her parents that she’s going to school to return the textbooks, even though they later learnt that this was not required. She never showed up at school and didn’t...

Macedonia 12.04.21 | 09:08

Roma and Macedonian groups clashed in Kocani overnight, shots were fired

A serious armed incident occurred in Kocani yesterday evening, between Macedonian and Roma citizens. A Roma man was found stealing during the evening curfew, and chased away. Shortly after, he returned with a group of men who were carrying sticks and metal rods, intent on attacking the Macedonian men...

Macedonia 24.02.21 | 23:14

Mickoski in Kocani: Justice will win when Zaev falls, the Macedonian spring is coming!

The president of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski paid Wednesday a visit to Kocani. Let’s put an end to the mafia deciding our destinies. The place of the criminals is in prison. From the first to the last, everyone will be held accountable. Because forgiveness for them is a murder of justice. Justice...

Macedonia 24.02.21 | 13:44

Employees of a marijuana plant caught trying to sell six kilograms on the black market

Three men from Skopje, Kicevo and Kocani were detained for selling marijuana which they took from the cannabis plant they were working in. Crime linked to the rapidly growing marijuana business in Macedonia is becoming an every-day event, as the drugs grown ostensibly for cannabis oil extraction are...

Macedonia Economy 14.01.21 | 14:02

Unable to switch to a cleaner fuel source, Kocani’s Paper Mill announces it will close down

The management of Kocani’s Paper Mill company announced it will close down and has already informed its 120 workers not to come to work. The factory faced serious public criticism and protests for polluting the city. Management said that they are unable to switch to an alternative fuel source....

Macedonia 21.11.20 | 16:26

Video of an attack of Roma citizens of Kocani against the police published online

Video footage of an incident that occurred 10 days ago in Kocani was revealed today. It shows several Roma citizens of Kocani fighting with police officers. The Interior Ministry informed that after the incident, three Roma men were detained. The incident broke out over a police raid at the Kocani market. Several...

Macedonia 28.06.20 | 10:54

Mickoski: How is the case of journalist Mladenov going?

SDSM could bring justice, and instead it brought only Louis Vuitton bags, and “wham-bam” court decisions. They could bring peace, and instead they brought unrest in the souls of the parents who lost their children in the Smilkovsko [case], and today, the perpetrators are walking freely, the...

Economy 27.06.20 | 16:50

Mickoski in Kocani: Our program envisages 640 million euros for farmers

From what I have discussed so far with the people of Kocani, I can say that the three-year pandemic led by this leadership of SDSM and Zoran Zaev has not gone unnoticed in a negative sense here. People are living poorly in a bad economic, social and even health situation, VMRO-DPMNE leader said during...

Macedonia 18.06.20 | 19:15

Kocani woman fled quarantine, was arrested drunk, with drugs and ammunition

A 36 year old woman from Kocani who was ordered to remain in quarantine at home after exposure to the coronavirus was arrested driving through the city with drugs and a small quantity of ammunition. The woman, identified as T.G., has violated the quarantine order this weekend. She was eventually arrested...

Macedonia 10.06.20 | 23:19

Mother of five from Kocani abandoned her youngest baby on the side of the road

A woman from Kocani is under investigation for child neglect after she abandoned her nine month infant on the side of the road. The 21 year old woman was caring for five children alone after her husband left for Germany several weeks ago, but was neglectful in the duties. She left four of the older children...

Macedonia 07.06.20 | 14:27

Nine kindergarten teachers in Kocani test positive

Tests in a Kocani kindergarten revealed that nine teachers and employees have the coronavirus. It’s the high concentration found so far, during the preemptive screening done to determine whether kindergartens in Macedonia can open after months of epidemic lockdown. Mayor Nikolco Ilijev appealed...

Macedonia 06.04.20 | 12:47

Alsat: Three patients died from the coronavirus overnight

Three patients died from Covid-19 overnight, reports Alsat TV. Two of them are reportedly from Tetovo, and the third from Kocani. The Kocani case was already confirmed by the local Mayor. This would bring the total death toll of the epidemic in Macedonia to 21.