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Macedonia 11.04.22 | 14:40

Mickoski: Kocani municipality built a pipeline in a record time of four months

Extremely important moment for the residents of Kocani. As the mayor said, such a thing happens once in several decades. This will drastically reduce the technical losses in the pipeline itself, and the residents of Kocani will receive better quality water which is of particular importance for their...

Macedonia 14.01.22 | 15:15

Wild boars are destroying farms near Kocani

The ban on boar hunting in the region of Kocani, that was put in place because of the outbreak of African swine fever, is causing significant damage to farmers. Corn and potato farms in the villages of Vidoviste and Teranci were destroyed by the animals, and locals say that even their domestic animals...

Macedonia 23.12.21 | 17:29

Car falls into an unsecured ditch near Kocani

A car fell into a large ditch left unsecured during the construction of the new motorway to Kocani. A person in the car sustained head injuries. The vehicle is also badly damaged. Local media outlets report that the dig site and the ditch which is three meters deep is not protected by a fence, and there...

Macedonia 04.11.21 | 09:54

Hospital management in Kocani is harassing doctors and nurses who didn’t support SDSM in the local elections

VMRO-DPMNE member of Parliament Zoran Kocevski accused the management of the Kocani hospital of workplace harassment of employees who refused to actively take part in the SDSM campaign in the city. SDSM lost the mayoral race in Kocani in the narrowest election in the country, that came down to a dozen...

Macedonia 31.10.21 | 22:54

Close race in Kocani, VMRO candidate Papazov likely to win

In the most uncertain race of the day, VMRO-DPMNE candidate Ljupco Papazov was elected Mayor of Kocani, against incumbent Nikolco Ilijev. The race is still within a few dozen votes, but VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski put the city in the “win” column. Mickoski personally intervened...

Macedonia 30.10.21 | 18:48

Kocani: Infomax crew attacked while reporting on organized vote buying

An Infomax news crew was assaulted in Kocani, as they were filming a party office where local voters were gathered and instructed to leave their identity cards. This indicates election fraud ahead of the narrowly fought mayoral run-off tomorrow between the SDSM incumbent and the VMRO-DPMNE challenger. The...

Macedonia 29.10.21 | 18:14

Man arrested in Kocani for bribing voters ahead of the run-off

Police in Kocani reported that they detained a 53 year old man who was distributing money to would-be voters in the second round of the local elections. The man was paying out 1,500 denars – 25 EUR to get an unspecified number of voters to support one of the two mayoral candidates – the police...

Macedonia 23.10.21 | 10:55

One of the remaining top mayoral candidates from SDSM denounces his party

The SDSM candidate in one of the sizable urban centers that did not elect a mayor in the first round of the elections – Nikolco Ilijev from Kocani, began to distance himself from the ruling party. In a TV debate after the election, in which he only narrowly won more votes than the VMRO-DPMNE candidate...

Macedonia 16.10.21 | 22:51

Two charged with voter intimidation in Kocani

Two persons are charged with intimidation of voters in Kocani, the local police reported today. The intimidation was directed at four citizens, who were threatened that they will lose their jobs if they vote in the elections. The two perpetrators believed that the four citizens will vote for a party...

Macedonia 08.10.21 | 22:29

Zaev in Kocani: The best is possible only if we move forward, we develop the state and the municipalities

We have been developing the country internationally for four years, we are developing the municipalities domestically, we are improving the quality of life and the living standard is growing, we have set the municipalities, the state together in the right direction, we have finally moved forward, we...

Macedonia 05.10.21 | 11:43

“I personally gave the order”: Kocani mayor admits that he gives orders who to be employed

I, I personally gave order to find him a job, the mayor of Kocani, Nikolco Ilijev, who is running for a second term as a candidate of the SDSM-led coalition “The best for my municipality”, openly admits this in a TV24 debate with the opposing candidate. The MP from VMRO-DPMNE Mile Lefkov...

Macedonia 02.10.21 | 16:17

Papazov promises to build a new southern entrance and a parking garage in downtown Kocani

Ljupco Papazov, the VMRO-DPMNE mayoral candidate in Kocani, presented two key projects he will work on in his term, if elected. Papazov said that he will build a new southern entrance to the city and that he will build a multilevel parking garage in the city center. We will also restore the infrastructure...

Macedonia 01.10.21 | 16:21

Mickoski: SDSM is not the best, but it is the worst thing that has ever happened to Macedonia

I talked to the rice producers, they say there is no one to buy the produce, and the one they buy is bought for a shameful 12 denars, if we are lucky up to 15 denars, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hritijan Mickoski in Kocani. Zoran Zaev’s new BMW is worth 400,000 kilograms of rice. That is why...

Macedonia 30.09.21 | 21:58

Mickoski: All SDSM knows how to do is lie to the public

All SDSM are good for is lying to the public. That’s what they are best at, lying and stealing, said VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski during the pre-election rally in Kocani this evening. Zoran Zaev and his little helpers are pillaging the country for four years now and they still act like...

Macedonia Economy 21.09.21 | 11:35

Rice farmers from Kocani protest against the low prices they are being offered for the harvest

Rice farmers from Kocani blocked the road west to Skopje in protest against the low prices offered for their harvest and the increase in prices for the essentials needed to maintain their fields. The rice sells for 15 to 18 denars – and even lower as whole-traders are trying to extract more subsidies...

Macedonia 03.08.21 | 13:08

Angelov: Kocani fire happened due to power lines touching each other

An assessment team met today to discuss the fire situation. It was decided that there is no need to declare a state of crisis on part of the territory of the country, but we are still closely monitoring the situation, informs the director of the Crisis Management Center, Stojance Angelov. According to...

Macedonia 03.08.21 | 12:36

People affected by Kocani wildfire smoke discharged from hospital

The Ministry of Health has reported early on Tuesday that nine people, who were exposed to smoke inhalation due to wildfire that caught Kocani area and sought medical care late on Monday, have been discharged from hospital as their health condition have improved.

Macedonia 03.08.21 | 10:45

Photo gallery from Kocani after last night’s fire

Last night, the citizens of Kocani saved the city from being engulfed by the fire. Several firefighting teams came to their aid and prevented the fire to spread to the houses in the city. Only the roofs of 2-3 houses were affected. The material damage is insignificant in relation to what could have happened.  

Macedonia 02.08.21 | 22:35

Mickoski in Trkanje-Kocani region: People are self-organizing, beyond human efforts made to bring the fires under control

At the moment I am in the Trkanje-Kocani region, the fire is over the village. The people are organizing themselves against the razing fire, help is needed, this is the sad picture tonight. Beyond human efforts are being made to put out the fire.

Macedonia 02.08.21 | 21:29

Mickoski: This is real life, battling fires and incompetent government! People need urgent help!

VMRO-DPMNE leader, Hristijan Mickoski points out on Facebook that the people in Kocani should be helped urgently. Alarming! Kocani has been battling the raging fire all day, URGENT full focus of the Government, which is currently celebrating at Meckin Kamen. People need urgent help. This is real life,...

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