Laos, Cambodia, Paraguay, Iran, even the country where the virus started, China, are all safer than Macedonia at this moment, said opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski. Mickoski called out the Macedonian Government of badly failing to control the virus, as Macedonia is now by the worst affected country in the region, wtih a record infection rate and a very high death rate.

All countries in teh region, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria.. rank above Macedonia on the Forbes list. Other countries are declaring victories over the virus while we are capitulating. The dangerous incompetence of the Zaev, Spasovski and Filipce Government led to days with a triple digit infection rate. We had 30 newly infected patients and one or two deaths a day during what was supposed to be the peak of the epidemic, but now we have over a 100, Mickoski said.

Macedonia is going through a major spike in the epidemic after the Muslim month of Ramadan, during which restrictions were largely ignored for the night long iftar family feasts.

Дури и Лаос, Камбоџа, Парагвај, Бангладеш, Иран, па и изворот од каде се започна Кина, се побезбедни земји во однос од…

Gepostet von Hristijan Mickoski am Sonntag, 7. Juni 2020